6-inch to accommodate fabric cuts
under 1/2 yard or for fat quarters or

8-inch to accommodate yardage up
to 7 yards and fits nicely on 10"

10-inch to accommodate yardage
and fits 12" shelving
Unlike the standard FOLD-IT-EZ,
The 8" x 25" is designed for larger
cuts of fabric and is meant to be
stored with the fabric.  

With the use of the FOLD-IT-EZ on
large pieces, it can be folded and
placed on a shelf or counter top
much as a bolt of fabric in a store.  

Once the fabric is used, the
FOLD-IT-EZ can be used again
and again.

FOLD-IT-EZ is manufactured using
quality 1/8" acrylic making it sturdy
enough to use for years and years.

It also has convenient finger holes
making it easy to remove once the
fabric has been folded.

Have you ever reached for a piece of fabric to use in a quilt and had it look like this?  
Fold marks, wrinkles and fold-over mess?  With FOLD -IT- EZ these are gone!  No
more fold-over messes to have to stop and press out!
To start, fold the fabric with selvages together.
Now fold it lengthwise once more bringing
the selvages to the folded edge.   Lay fabric
on a flat surface (here I'm using my pressing
table) with the selvages on top.  Lay the
FOLD-IT-EZ on the fabric as shown, leaving
about 2" at the top.
Fold the 2" of fabric at the top down over the
FOLD-IT-EZ and hold in place.  Now, just
make one turn with the FOLD-IT-EZ holding
the 2" turn under in place.
Notice how easy it is to wrap the fabric
around the FOLD-IT-EZ.  Just continue
turning the fabric with the FOLD-IT-EZ until
you come to the end of the fabric.  This is
where you notice why you should have it on a
flat surface.  A table top or pressing table
creates a little "drag" on the fabric keeping it
straight and tight.
When you get to within a couple of inches of
fabric at the end, you might want to stop and
fold those couple of inches under the
FOLD-IT-EZ to give you a nice finished edge.
Now you can experience the reason for the
finger holes in the FOLD-IT-EZ.  Simply put
your fingers in the holes and slide the
FOLD-IT-EZ out!  Now it's ready for use with
the next cut of fabric!
-- Now a fabric tool worth notice --
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So, we've provided photos for you
    showing what FOLD-IT-EZ  can do for you! This is a system of folding fabrics into a
    standardized size, making it easier to see what you have.  

    FOLD-IT-EZ  is a fabric organizer tool. Now, you can easily fold fabrics in a
    standardized size, making it easier to see what you have. Once your fabric is
    organized and folded with the FOLD-IT-EZ, you'll be amazed at how much less
    room it takes up.  It can be used for fabrics on shelves, in drawers or stored in
    plastic containers.

    Unlike other products, the FOLD-IT-EZ can be used over and over because once
    you've folded your fabric, it is removed to be used on the next piece instead of
    stored with your fabric.

    Just pick the size that works for you.  OR, get a discount when you purchase a set
    of 3 sizes.

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